Our Vision

A more efficient, transparent, equitable, and peaceful global economy..


We believe that the cement is still wet on the next 100 years and that this coming decade is one of the most important in the history of humanity. The challenges we face are at full-scale as we head toward 9 billion people on the planet with a majority living in mega-cities. We have the technology to find solutions, but also the exponential complexity to send us off of the proverbial cliff. Community and ecosystem development will be the key around the globe as the geo-political arms race for connectivity is matched by the unprecedented speed of disruption to our existing institutions and infrastructure. New ethics, new paradigms, ne possibilities need a place to be effectively discovered, debated, curated, and nurtured into the next world order of rules and power structures.

This is the context and reason why we as an organization and community must exist. We are on a mission to advance meaningful discourse, deal making, and the discovery of new technology and solutions to humanity’s largest problems, by providing the platforms which convene leaders from emerging startups, enterprise, and capital markets.

Our Purpose you ask? What gets us out of bed every morning is a burning desire to build bridges and tear down the obsolete walls between decentralized and centralized systems, as we help shape a future that works equitably for all, honors innovation, secures individual sovereignty, and provides increased prosperity for a broader set of humanity. We hope you will join our community and contribute your talent, energy, and resources to advance our vision.

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Chris J Snook
Chairman, Co-Founder

Our chairman Chris J Snook in a mentor session with a group of #hacksforhumanity participants at ASU in 2017

Our chairman Chris J Snook in a mentor session with a group of #hacksforhumanity participants at ASU in 2017