You can now apply for the opportunity to be invited to compete in one of our 2019 regional invitationals. The best teams to emerge from each of these regional invitationals will win a trip to to compete for the Grand Prize Global Finals in October 20th-November 10, 2020 as well as a customized group experience to expo2020dubai.com. The finals will host 16 teams in a bracket style global cryptocurrency/blockchain startup competition as part of SANDCASTLE 2020 during the World’s Fair opening month in Dubai. In addition to your trip and all of the earned media exposure, you will compete for a Grand Prize package valued at over $250,000 and receive a competitor package, complimentary badge, media coverage and more, valued at over $35,000 (airfare and hotel stipend will be provided to each finalist team as well). If you’re selected for Sandcastle you’ll also get the opportunity to access Investor Office Hours and Mentor Hours, the Sandcastle Incubator, startup workshops, startup roundtables, special VIP meet and greets with capital, media, and corporate partners, and much more. The Road to Dubai 2020 begins with our North American Sandcastle Invitational September 22, 2019 in Laramie Wyoming. AsiaPac Sandcastle Invitational will be in March 2020. The EMEA Sandcastle Invitational will be in April 2020 and the LATAM Sandcastle Invitational will be in June 2020.

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Company Name
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Early stage technology doesn't always have to imply that the company or R&D portion isn't years in the making. This helps us understand how much development or R&D might also be behind your commercial opportunity.
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